Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Improvement 101.A

After three full days of doing household projects, I think I am ready to take stock of where the house is and where we need to go in the next six months. Obviously, this summer was a great learning experience. We were able to really apply some energy into the garden and try to grow some vegatables. We had planted stuff in the garden in the past but because of The Woodshed, I lost complete interest and had absolutely no time to be pulling weeds and tying up tomatoes. This summer was different simply because I didn't want to disappoint anybody by not having put any work into the garden.

I just finished pulling up all of the plants and re-toiled the soil. I built a new garden box for St. Francis and I think next spring will plant a variety of flowers around him. I think it is something my grandmother would have liked. The only curse of the St. Francis garden is that I hit the knuckle of my index finger with a hammer trying to mason some bricks to fit a slot. Short of doing a Loony Toons dance around the house, I winced and cried the entire time. At the bare minimum, this will require me to visit the Sugarhouse Pub later today.

I laid out most of the tile in the pantry room and will be borrowing a tile saw to finish the job tomorrow. I really like the tile and I think the dark, granite finish of the tiles compliment the bright green walls that I painted. I would like to have this room finished before Erin gets home but at the rate in which I do home improvement projects, I might have it done by the time she gets back from her next conference.

The hardest part of all the jobs at the house is that I don't have the time or the money or the ability to finish most of them. I am pretty good at demolition but it is in the construction side I need to improve. Through trial and error, I hope I can figure these things out. I like the fact that I am willing to completely destroy something in the house just to see if I can do it. Some might call this cavalier or reckless, I call it home improvement.

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